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Rockydude411 is a Brickfilmer. His first Brickfilm was created in 2009[1] and while not strictly stop motion animation it was the start of what would become a long and successful career...


Rocky has been creating brickfilms since 2009, however in 2012 he decided to join the website Bricks In Motion. Since then he has been an active member entering the site's popular THAC competition as well as some of its animation challenges.


Rockydude411's most popular brickfilm is; "take me away lego animation" Uploaded on Oct 22, 2010. This video contains two frames, which he got from one of his videos "lego the halloween guy", playing over and over again while the song "Take me away" plays.

He has grown some popularity from his upcoming series "The Darkest Knight"

Animation SetupEdit

Currently Rockydude411 uses a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 to film, MonkeyJam for frame capturing, Gimp 2,0 for photo editing, Wax 2.0 for special effects, and Windows Live Movie Maker for editing.