La Conquista
La Conquista

La Conquista

Go and discover eagle poop or something!


Jack Rizzo


January 2014

La Conquista is a BFCU brickfilm created by Jam Pot Studios.


An age old question is answered: who are the better explorers? The conquistadors or the vikings?


A conquistador lands on a mysterious tropical island, thinking he is the first person to discover it, only to find that the vikings have beaten him to it. The vikings, led by King Eirik, are adamant that the island is theirs because they got there first. Eirik becomes particularly agitated by the conquistador, who draws his rapier and is prepared to fight for the island.

Before any violence can break out, a very frightened viking runs out of the jungle exclaiming that none of them got there first. Behind him is a lava monster who, though attempting to be friendly, terrifies conquistador and vikings alike.

In a post-credits scene, the lava monster expresses his displeasure at being made of living magma.