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Jack Rizzo (known as Jam Pot Studios, and jampot on Bricks In Motion) is a brickfilmer from the UK. Despite having been active since 2007, he has not produced many animations.


Jack started brickfilming back in 2007, his first being a brickfilm no longer available on the internet called Spaceman: the movie, which was only twenty frames and entirely made using Classic Space sets from the 1980s. He created another brickfilm called The Battle of the Dwarven Citadel, which is long since lost, that was shot outside on a relatively large set.

Shortly afterward Jack discovered and began using members' feedback to hone his skills. He created his first indoor animation setup and created many short films.

In July 2008, Jack created his current YouTube channel JampotAnimations, later renamed Jam Pot Studios.[1]

Jack has also voiced acted for a number of brickfilms, including The Package III: Deadfire. [2]



In his early years Jack produced a wealth of short animations using BIONICLE figures, ranging from short fight sequences to scenes for a proposed feature-length film called BIONICLE: The Final Battle. Other notable BIONICLE films were Gartheon's Prize, Kreix's Task and Ambush on Jydivia.

Green Lantern: ApocalypseEdit

Perhaps Jack's most financially successful film, this DC Universe animation was a short fight sequence betweent he superhero Green Lantern and the alien god Darkseid. It is notable for its heavy use of visual effects, but lacks a coherent story. However, it was released around the time of the actual Green Lantern movie and to date has over 230,000 views. This makes it Jam Pot Studios' most viewed film.

Jack has expressed interest in doing another DC Universe brickfilm in the future.

Young IstariEdit

Chima: StinkEdit

Who ever said dwarves aren't strong?Edit

Shot in an afternoon, this film shows a dwarf trying to use his strength and all manner of tools to break apart a boulder in his way. Eventually, it takes a wizard to move the boulder telekinetically. This film was shot early in 2013, but was not edited and released until December of the same year.

Deck the TrollsEdit

An entry into the Bricks In Motion Animation Challenge, Deck the Trolls sees Santa Claus boxing with a Troll. Santa uses his martial arts skills and his Xmagic to send the Troll flying out of the arena, thus winning the match.

La ConquistaEdit

Reactions to The LEGO MovieEdit

Animation Challenge entriesEdit

Jack has produced a number of entries into the Bricks In Motion Animation Challenge, the most recent being the fistfighting, front flip and zero-gravity environment challenges, none of which he won.

Animation SetupEdit