The BrickFilm Cinematic Universe is a shared brickfilm continuity, started by Jam Pot Studios. As of August 2014, it has three contributors.


The idea of a shared brickfilm continuity began on the Bricks In Motion forums. Though development was initially quite slow, Jam Pot Studios introduced the first official BFCU brickfilm, La Conquista, which intentionally displayed how vast and eccelectic the BFCU could be. The film showed an interaction between vikings, a conquistador and a lava monster, establishing that the BFCU would dispense with conventional histories to allow greater freedom to writers. It also established that the BFCU was a fantasy universe, which was emphasised when Jorden Davis' Perpetual Twilight was accepted as BFCU canon.

The BFCU was further expanded by the release of BrickStory's Captured, which introduces superhero fiction to the canon. The film Green also established the BFCU's potential for science-fiction brickfilms.


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