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• 10/21/2014

Odd pages that have been removed...

Here are some of the more interesting things that have been removed from this wiki.
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• 10/21/2014

You know that you had prepared everything for a legomation when suddenly,you start thinking about the cons!!!well don't worry has I will show the TOP 10 WAYS TO MAKE A AWESOME FILM!!!!this is by Legobrickthing                                                                ==the list==

  1. .work with a group because work can actually go faster and there are less problems to deal with,probably it could also bring in more problems too sometimes.
  2. 2.Be funny!!!that's how your video can get more bonus fame depending on how much laughs are in there!!!Don't let be more corny like those terrible knock knock jokes and old jokes.let it xbe like those fantastic stand up comedy shows that would pop in any theatre around the world!!!

3.If you are going to make a appropriate video,well I have to say that not very much people will not know your video but if your making it inappropriate,Good luck because media addicts ALWAYS like rude stuff and you'll become famed!So why don't you have a go at making some Rudy-do.

4.The more space you have,the more better it would be Animators say but it also brings in more problems too.What happens if it was A huge kitchen and you made your set on the dinner table and suddenly,A blind chef comes in,mistaken your lego as food and cooks it!!!Or if it was in a forest,where you could film in peace when suddenly, animals start gobbling your pieces.Or if it where to be a classroom,the teacher won't like filming equipment and lights around her pupils and room.It's always adviced to work in a small,dark quiet place for best results.

5.Always,always think about safety requirments when filming because if it weren't safe,disasters would halt filming like for example, a fire caused by sparks from a worn out camera or a manhole would pop up because you used uneven,weak ground.If you don't wan't any of this to happen, just do safety tests very often!!!

6.DO NOT EVER EVER mix because it would make your film's quality will immediately drop down to very low levels and people would think it's crap.please don't mix brands with other brands and also do not mix colours.But it's actually good to Mix softwares with softwares like eg: DroganFrame/CGI=Awesome.

7.Try experiment things with other things during filming and before filming because it would allow to know which ones are bad and which ones are good without checking videos like for example,imagine you chose this new program,awesome camera and good filming equipment but since you didn't experiment,the camera has crap quality,the program was a game maker and the equipment were ripoffs.So if you don't want that to happen,EXPERIMENT!!!

8.follow guides because these guides were usually from master brickfilmers but however think about BEFORE choosing your guide because you could accidentally choose a bad guide from a troll that doesn't even include a SINGLE thing about filming so just look carefully. hearty enough so that you could make a good film."Hearty" means that taking care of things especially important by looking at them and think what would they actually do.Now if you could do a hearty routine,then all of a sudden,a-going-to-be-bad film to a pro some movie in a few days.

10.encourage other people to do Brickfilming. Many pros were known for teaching people how to be like them,just like school.So if want to do a last resort before retiring or quitting,do a school or make online tutorials and put them on media websites and wikis.

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