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• 3/13/2014

A Few New Changes To Talk Pages and More

Today the wiki has seen a lot of activity from what must be a record of 6 registered users in a day, so welcome new users!

I have also changed around quite a few things.

  • Firstly the software section is now a category page with a cleaner design.
  • I've installed the Wikia message wall feature, this replaces talk pages and should be more sleek.
  • I've also (as you can see) installed Wikia's improved forum function.

If you notice any issues or have a problem please contact me or MightyWanderer.

- Legomoviemaker1 (BoatsAreRockable)

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• 1/16/2014
I have also just updated the navigation bar to make it make more sense. Tell me if you like it how it is now or not.
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